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Christopher Cheney is from "The Town That Can't Be Licked," Massachusetts. His digital chapbook They Kissed Their Homes is now available from Blue Hour Press. Currently he's the managing editor of Slope Editions. His poems can be found in DIAGRAM, Juked, Notnostrums, Shampoo, and NOÖ Journal.

Christopher Cheney

They Have Been Called

They have been called into the yard by some woman
and they said there was nothing they could do and they
picked up their friends from an airport and they held a cricket
between their palms and their children held stones
and followed their mothers into a grocery store and they held
women by their waists and gave them money and they cradled
someone and they held the doors behind them
and they held animals still and they were injured.

They are Feeling Good

They take showers at night and they blast some good tunes
and they are feeling good about themselves and they run errands
to all night convenience stores and they have sunburns
on their faces and their hands are freezing
and right now you are feasting on hamburgers and beer
and you are eyeing a bald waiter and there is glass
on the patio and there are people that get tattoos of birds
and some of them have them removed.