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Stella Corso

and I am sad to have found no truth / in symbolism / but in symbols

Ladies Please Digest

no beauty in consumerism
but in things

big sparkly things
silk little things

when dealing in silk
you must keep

your fingernails
trimmed just so

my nails are thin
and bendy

dog-eared leaflets

of paper thin protein
I've torn till they bled

on my silk
and so it is ruined

the curve of this nail speaks
for my ruined lung

and my tongue
for this wet spleen

salty slug that swells

and grows larger
in the night

outside the watery traps
of its teeth

the way the echo speaks
for the cave

the way these clothes
speak for a decade

I didn't choose this decade
I was born into

it chose me and so
moves through me

through my bowels
which speak

through a far back place
in the middle of my forehead

the dullest pain

life is no fun without coffee
and sad

and I am sad
to have found no truth

in symbolism
but in symbols

the pounding blue
of a cornflower

next to a cornfield

the tip of a bottle
of nail polish

an hour

A Must So Near

it must be love
we talk about death

me the book
the building

on fire

can water
be on fire

I think yes
in a sexual way

I feel sexy now
like putting on jewelry

how cold are you 1 to 10
how tired am I

I have this thing
I think I should use it

you probably won't like it

when I say
pull my hair

I'm growing bigger yes
I'm changing

I think
I need you

I need you to watch

Stella Corso runs a shop called Pale Circus in Greenfield, MA. Some of her recent work can be found or is forthcoming in Caketrain, Notnostrums, Coconut, and jubilat. Her manuscript, EAT ISLAND, was a finalist for the 2013 Black Box Poetry Prize from Rescue Press and the 2013 Joanna Cargill Coconut Prize for a First Book.