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Caroline Crew

I am always tornado season / in this ruin of a town / that already gold-rushed itself

The Weather Radio

Civil Emergency Message (CEM)

it is always raining                isn't that enough
I want an old country singer to tell me about home
to tell me about wife
how young when he killed himself
eight times                in the bodies of other men
is the desert that large                to keep all these souls in orbit

Evacuation Immediate (EVI)

your desert takes its blooming                slowly
all serious businesses admit pace
is the key to riches                one way or another
but I am always tornado season
in this ruin of a town
that already gold-rushed itself               back to bronze

Tropical Storm Watch (TRA)

this season the storm comes tropical
take heart                it comes for you
and it has fallen so far west
the car won't hold up to rescue
your tyres are already an antique bomb
spitting up                its most glamorous ossuaries

Special Weather Statement (SPS)

ask the weather radio                to croon more gently
ask it to learn                how an ocean is another large room
in this larger house                where I smashed out your windows
put the doorframe ashes in your bathwater
fed you the glass ground up in milk
I thought I was medicine

Shelter in Place Warning (SPW)

I have never been to Detroit
but my own auto industry fails                almost always
I never met an airport I didn't like
they are always so ready
I can fathom most seasons                except the ones
that will not agree to end

911 Telephone Outage Emergency (TOE)

night road as a library of toy cars
as the smallest things we have salvaged
as the longest debris strung                between us
we no longer spin our own electricity
I don't have enough candles
to keep lighting the drive home

Caroline Crew edits ILK journal. Her poems have appeared in Bat City Review, PANK, Cream City Review, and Salt Hill Journal, among others. She wrote the chapbooks 'small colours like wild tongues' (dancing girl press, 2013), 'The Polychrome Clinic' (Midwest Writing Center, forthcoming 2014) and, with Chris Emslie, 'Your Stupid Fortune Gives Me Stupid Hope' (Furniture Press Books, forthcoming 2014). Currently, she lives between Old England and New England.