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Stephanie Goehring

an uh–huh for the goddamn / a punch in the weather

["you heard the story"]

you heard the story
of the hornet and the spider

christ let's hang our necks
overboard we can be flowers

fury disguised as sweetheart
little mouthed dolls you can borrow

bright banana peels
on the actual sidewalk

the key is to buddy up
with the bastard sighs inside you

howl up some paradise where
a black hole bellows into a canyon

weaving all wronglike
toward the water

["how the morning alleges"]

how the morning alleges
again yes again it can't prove us

an uh–huh for the goddamn
a punch in the weather

I hear the river's
divorced from its bed

the sky's armed with clouds
imagine that'd be nice

onions for sale roadside

Stephanie Goehring is co-author, with Jeff Griffin, of the chapbook I Miss You Very Much (Slim Princess Holdings, 2011/13) and author of the chapbook This Room Has a Ghost (dancing girl press, 2010). She lives in Austin, Texas, where she is on the advisory council for the visual art & literature website Conflict of Interest. Find her online here.