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Sara Biggs Chaney

somewhere above me I could hear / a flock of birthstones / land in the blueberry bushes

The Thing About Time is There's Always Less of It

I saw my life crawling through the grass        It had 11 legs all tinier
than eye lashes        I couldn't find it in my field guide        so I got down low
to see it better        but ended up        in the posture of someone praying        or dying
From a hole under my palm        I could feel        in the earth        wind blowing
on the surface of my face        I tested the hole with one finger        then two
hoping to pinch the tail end of my life        but I came up instead
on something hard and gripless in its living        I can't say I was afraid
more frustrated        somewhere above me I could hear        a flock of birthstones
land in the blueberry bushes        I've been missing the nicest things my
whole life        and isn't this always how it happens        Above the tree line
there is probably a certainty circling        That's what effortless looks like
the path a body cuts        while waiting for a sign from below        It is almost
time to land        but for now        I think        I could crouch here forever

Sara Biggs Chaney is a poet and writing teacher from White River Junction, VT. Her work has recently appeared in Blackbird, Sixth Finch, Sugar House Review, and elsewhere.