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Kyle Crawford is from a small town in central Nebraska, but currently lives in Lincoln, Nebraska. He is the poetry editor of a magazine based out of Portland, Oregon called The Benefactor. Recent poems of his are forthcoming from Microfilme Magazine.

Kyle Crawford


Building a reservoir, the world

You can't even breathe
           out of that nose! But then the in
is in the out is in the up and up is
in her own words.

She never actually said
                      it doesn't work           that way
like gravity. Sometimes I can't even
remember what I don't not
                                look like
                                          or what language isn't
to a syllable.
                      The first line of every one of her one
unwritten one
line stories was,         She was already
           pregnant when they arrived in Albuquerque.
plot concerning the mystery of back
hair's awareness.                  I guess it's all-just
programmed in.

Could you please
tell me who Jack Nicholas is and who
is Jack Nicholson? You'll stand

It's Rim-bow not Rim-
bod.               And you'll understand French
is spoken to(o).                               I remembered you
after I remember you.

I believe
I torture myself not to torture
myself, rather to torture