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P. Edward Cunningham co-edits Radioactive Moat and currently serves as Asst. Managing Editor of SLAB. He's a contributing writer to the Open Thread Blog and his work will be seen/can be seen in places like Writer's Bloc, H_NGM_N, Dogzplot, Haha Clever Dot Com, WTF PWM, Pinstripe Fedora, decomP, and Read Some Words. His first book of essays, This Boy, This Broom, is forthcoming from BatCat Press.

P. Edward Cunningham

Yellow Giraffe/Brown Giraffe

Your two children will visit the zoo. Your two children will carry salmon eggs into a yellow giraffe's ears. When the salmon hatch, they will eat the softness from the giraffe's skull bottom. The salmon will carry the children out of their penny coats and into the animal's neck tunnel. The salmon will house the two children in salmon shaped bubbles as they approach a sign that reads


The salmon will swim down the long neck of the old giraffe as the sides of the neck tunnel gradually narrow. A quarter of the salmon will burn up into the sides of the neck tunnel-splotchy pink curly spots snatched up by neck brillo. Your two children will also burn up. The giraffe will lie down and digest.

Your two children and twenty pink salmon will brown out into the sides of the giraffe exterior. Your son will brown into a beautiful spot. Your daughter will brown into a handsome spot. Twenty browning salmon splotches will flail into shapes surrounding your two children. The old giraffe will stand up against the sunlight and feel slightly fuller. It will limp to the water hole and search for more children. It's tired of seeming so yellow.