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Hilary Plum & Zach Savich know what they are and are not.

Hilary Plum & Zach Savich

We Walked Here Over Those Peanut Shells

It is late but you are dumb
It is dumb but you are dog-height, tongue in search of lost balls
Which was your favorite list of the earlier years
Which was the most racist thing of or the best married
In jeans
Spit the red candies back into the cough syrup
Which was better, because there was more of it wrapped
For Christmas my brother taught me how to open new compact discs
Inside they were laser discs
There was nothing to do but potato guns
Against his bevy of potato blades
During such standoffs we sing until the barn raises

A Threat of Telephone Dialectics

A situation I was in due to my literacy
This rake has straw for rake-parts!
We used cow patties for laser discs
And stayed a month or so in the lake-part
We couldn't tell our emotions from algae
Though the diving goats were funny, on loan
We closed the book on the swans, swearing
Abound, cut like a tractor-puller's muscles
I had never noticed the white of his eye was down
Frazzled, on closer speculation
How the birds sizzled when I lifted my eye-glass
Then kept my thumb on the smallest pawn
The orthogonals smelling of water lilies
What it was was how you said it best
Removing the driest soil with my tongue
From the acrobat's bucolic chest angle