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Matt L. Rohrer is a writer and musician from San Francisco. He currently lives in Brooklyn where he teaches high school English and special education. His writing has appeared in Tinfish, Watchword, Mirage, The Surfer's Journal, and other publications. He is a regular contributor at the literary blog, We Who Are About to Die, and he serves as editor-in-chief of Small Desk Press. You can find his music at:

Matt L. Rohrer

A Tree Fell in Brooklyn

There's a disease going around the East Coast that makes basil plants turn white

That's official

I'd bet my mother misses me now

Hail the size of marbles was hitting the windows

I was hitting the wall with fists the size of melons

When the 9th grade class treasurer died

They took his picture down from the hallway

He was smiling with fluorescent lights in his glasses