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Scott Abels

It's not that I give a good goddamn

from Rambo Goes to Idaho

I had the strangest dream: I rocked the vote.
It's not that I give a good goddamn
about some old washed up terrorist
in one of the dumber wings of The Pentagon.

I had to show someone specific
I could fly.

Originally from Nebraska, Scott Abels has an MFA from Boise State University. Recent work can be found (or is forthcoming) in Alice Blue, Word for/Word, 751 Magazine, Hawai`i Review, Raft, Strange Machine, Poets for Living Waters, The Denver Syntax, Fringe Magazine, and Sawbuck. Lately, he has been alternating years teaching on the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico and Honolulu. He has a little blog at scottabels.blogspot.com.