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Andrew Brenza

cichlid geometry as the reticulation of desire (aside #5)

light masticated into form       of bodies

like mustard clouds       memos       husking fields

of artificial corn       bodies       like mastheads       branded

round the filtering rings       of vision       pocket-formed

sockets       of exploitation       bodies of vision       masticated

into meetings       into scorn

(i wanted the depth-swept vibrations of her voice to be the re-being of me

i wanted an ablution of the liquid-living brown of her eyes)

light masticated into form       of my eyes

dusking into drone       a sere-scape of office space

and litter      beyond which       the cows are really getting slaughtered

and the poor       are really killing       the poorer

before the rich       who are really getting       richer

and a sea       that is really getting hotter       higher       and       is a hole

Andrew Brenza is a social worker and poet living in the Philadelphia area. His work has appeared in GlitterPony, the Scrambler, Sawbuck and Shampoo.