Archives: Issue Four: Spring 2011
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Andrew Brenza

Gossamer 9

anything is wonderful, anything is odd, even you, o light, my light!

of machine that is sound and motion of trees in you

of machine that is shape of hollowness and shape of sea in you

of machine that can put the entire shape of you entirely in you

of machine that is the light on the machine in you

* * *

crystal distance of pelagic flashbarrens

re-silent saltfalls;

or like likenesses of mirrors and megafauns,





or like jellyblossoms of clambared eutrophy

oysterbreathed and figureheaded upon absent whalebump

into undrifting lungloss of seastop.

Andrew Brenza is a social worker and poet living in the Philadelphia area. His work has appeared in GlitterPony, the Scrambler, Sawbuck and Shampoo.