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Trey Jordan Harris

Shapes Our Married Mouths Make

The panda drives me
crazy. When I tell you again
how it isn't a bear it drives
me crazy. It drives me crazy to think
of what it might be. From across
the room you mouth The panda
is a bear.
I get angry. I open
my mouth in the shape of a pear
blossom. I open my mouth real
wide and I swallow you whole.
You are in my stomach and I say
I will turn you into a panda.
I get desperate. I say Don't
you know there's a war on?

I open my mouth and you
are like a thunderous pepper-
mint noise like a musk ox in my
belly. Now I let you out because
it is getting dark and we need
to go inside. It is getting dark
and we are having dinner.
It is dark and we aren't
home we are lying on
our backs and hovering
just over the lake.

Trey Jordan Harris lives in Missouri. More marriage poems appear or are forthcoming in DIAGRAM, Abjective, alice blue, and Vinyl Poetry.