Caroline Cabrera

Big Adventure I

There were so many giants and tigers
and scary and exciting things before
that I am pretty tired now.
I almost don’t have the heart to tell you
my overalls fell off somewhere back there
and I’ve been running through the swamp
in my underclothes. Nothing turned out
as I had planned it in my Big Adventure Notebook
even though I dragged around a basket of provisions
in a little red wagon. Even though I hired
a really attentive watch dog our hiding place was pillaged
and stripped for spare parts and sold at a chop shop.
Someone stomped out all my luminarias—
I’m not a fool. I know they weren’t essential,
but I like pretty things on fire; I like cat-o-nine tails.
Unexpectedly, a spontaneous band
moved in on our picnic table
halfway through the egg salad sandwiches.
We had to share and now I’m half naked
without dinner plans. And yes, by ‘my overalls’
I meant ‘your overalls’ and I am sorry
and I am sticky. And you are more talented at espionage,
which, I’m not ashamed to say, makes me jealous,
and frankly, surprised. From now on
I will watch you closer, little bear, little beast.

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