Caroline Cabrera

Big Adventure II

Well, things are not very good around here anymore.
No clothes to wear. No raisins for the oatmeal.
I think it’s time we revved our engines if only
to make sure they still turn over. I knitted
a trampoline that will send us over the perimeter wall.
I am almost sure we can clear it and you won’t be splat
like a pancake. We will need a lot of hidden compartments
in our sneaking gear, if only to hold things closer to us.
Last time, I think I may have lost too much.
Everything we’re planning is so full of promise,
I think. I worry sometimes that I am going too far,
but then I always bring you along like a safety net,
which is also like a trampoline, a little.
You are so careful when you swallow those light bulbs!
You are so thoughtful with your comfortable shoes.

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