Kit Frick

Meet Cute, with Decoys

I am vexed by your orange persimmon and would like
to know you.
A terrible introduction. Ahem.

See that bicycle propped
against a lamp post? I am not
who you think. I might be

worse. Promises are a difficult thing. Pergolas
are better, and I can show you one if you’d like.

I am glad you’d like. I like
the sound of airplanes taking off nearby when I’m
in the car with the windows down.
I like the smell of petroleum, although I think
I shouldn’t.

Will you tell me one strange thing
about your home town? Are you comfortable
with your feet?

It’s OK. We all put up decoys.
I’m not always a bicycle.
Yesterday, I employed a decoy moon.

I am trying not to
fancy-pants you. I am trying
to show you my very plainest pants.
Boot-cut jeans from Forever 21.

I still like to shop there, although I think
I shouldn’t.

I would still like to know you, although I know you
are not always a persimmon and tomorrow
might be a microphone or something blue.

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