Curtis Perdue

So We Get to Meet Us

Cradling cellos
in our sleep
we watch a regatta
break like glass birds
into pieces I am
at my narrowest
and drooling a puddle
of old lost socks
under us
I am circumventing
the bed
for you and the lake
at night seem to agree
to solitude
and all its broken
moons we urge
revenge on our own
slanted histories and murmurs
pillow case after
pillow case

Curtis Perdue was born and raised in Miami, FL. His poems have appeared in H_NGM_N, Ghost Town, NOO Journal, LEVELER, Willow Springs and a few others. Currently he lives in Delray Beach where he teaches high school English and edits the online journal Interrupture

Archives: Issue Five: Fall 2011
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