Emily Pettit

How to Avoid Confronting
Most Large Animals

Most large animals are very small
if seen from very far away. If seen
from far away large problems
look like red and blue blinking
clusters, clashing against the lit
and littered dark sky, countless eyes
in the dark, blinking along the yellow
dashes lining the road, traffic two miles
long, stopped for a giant stag
not soon enough. Not enough time.
Not enough space. It makes it hard
to think about inventing new instruments.
and inventories. Wanting to disappear
is different from wanting to die.
I want us to be exposed to a very
pleasing and impressive risk.
You show your neck, you show
your neck. You are saying, Look
at my neck
. Can you love me?
Replicate a vocal pattern. You know
you know you know. It’s all uncertainty
and your neck. You walk slowly
in a calm voice.

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