Nick Sturm


I stand by the armoire and perform experiments
It is technical but not in a very French way
People are always trying to make things
complicated and sometimes that is not so beautiful
like with supercommittees and etiquette I say
fuck it My skin is a delicate golden zoo and
my heart is a ukulele making love to a theremin
It is only beginning to sound right and this is
the purpose of experiments Lay in the grass all day
and it will quietly repair itself in the dark Each blade
industriously licking at next day's dawn
The human part of you will celebrate and that
is what we want To fall asleep in the sun
and wake up with half your body pinned to light

Nick Sturm is the author of the chapbook WHAT A TREMENDOUS TIME WE'RE HAVING! (iO Books, 2012). His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Aesthetix, Catch Up, Dark Sky, Forklift, Ohio, Ilk, NAP, Red Lightbulbs, Sixth Finch, TYPO, and elsewhere. His reviews and interviews can be found widely in places like Coldfront, HTMLGIANT, and Bookslut. He is associate editor of YesYes Books and curator of THE BIG BIG MESS READING SERIES.

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