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Jess Jenkins

Michele Obama impresses me very much./ How very appropriate she is always, so appropriate

Knit Hat Appears on Chinese Beaches

Because I have the knack you asked me to say something nice: / “you are so imperceptible” and you said to me “you don’t seem like a real wedding”/ and that’s because I’m not, I’m not a real wedding./ I’m not even a real cowboy and everything you own is actually just a picture/ of the thing you own. How does that feel, exactly? Like laughing./ “That feels like laughing” I hope you say.

Michele Obama impresses me very much./ How very appropriate she is always, so appropriate./ Her berry gloves, her modest hound’s tooth/ coat and her berry gloves. I did nothing today and look someone/ was graceful and wore the colors of desserts on her hands./ The woman even ‘throws shade” with grace that’s/ what all my favorite blogs say. What a beautiful thing to throw/ shade.

I wish no one had taught me any history. I’d be better or worse for it./ In much the same way I wish I had a fruit everyday. I like myself most when I eat/ a fruit I think I look very fashionable, very fashionable as the new knit hat is fashionable/ mask rather. Imagine hundreds of swimmers who, in protecting their face/ from harmful UV rays, are a part of an anonymous crime/ or more likely, there is a joke/ that you are not in on.

Jess Jenkins hails from Southern West Virginia via Iowa and currently lives, works and teaches in Tucson, AZ. She was recently selected as a winner of the UA Poetry Center Contest and has work forthcoming or settled into various places around the web. She edits poetry for Sonora Review and will complete her MFA at the University of Arizona next Spring.