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It is the start of December, and we’re so excited to bring Issue Sixteen to your table:

Featuring new work by Danielle Pafunda, Erica Bernheim, Jordan Stempleman, Becca Klaver, Brandon Amico, Jenny Drai, J.L. Conrad, David Wojciechowski, Noor Hindi, Valerie Vargas, Emily Kendal Frey, Kate Partridge, Caryl Pagel, and Keegan Lester.

Explore the issue, share with your friends, and keep on the lookout for more open submission periods!

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Jellyfish Magazine.


NEW Website Layout, and NOW OPEN for Submissions!

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We've got some big things going on over here at Jellyfish, and we're so excited to tell you about them!

New Design

As you can see, we've updated the entire website, all 15 issues, to reflect the new, improved, more navigable Jellyfish layout. We hope you enjoy it! Some links may be different, so if you are a contributor please make sure to confirm any links are still working.

Open Submissions

To celebrate our re-emergence, we are opening up submissions for the month of May! Submissions close after 150, so be sure to hurry and get those best poems in to us!

We'll Miss You!

As of Issue 16, we are saying goodbye to two of our editors: Kam Hilliard and Phil Muller. We cannot thank them ENOUGH for their help in re-energizing Jellyfish, and for the labor put into choosing and organizing poems for each issue. You will be missed, Kam and Phil!

Keep your eyes open for more from Jellyfish!


Jellyfish Magazine and Bloom Books at WHALE PROM, AWP 2018!

You might have seen Jellyfish or Bloom Books at AWP 2018 in Tampa, FL. Why? Because we were at the first annual WHALE PROM, an alternative book fair at the Rialto Theater! We sold copies of our newest chapbook, Talin Tahajian's the smallest thing on earth, as well as the last copies of the first print run of Lo Kwa Mei-en's Two Tales ! We sold broadsides of a poem from the smallest thing on earth, as well. (If you would like to purchase (small donation!) a copy, contact us at Jellyfish.


NOW AVAILABLE: Talin Tahajian's the smallest thing on earth!

We are excited to announce that Talin Tahajian's the smallest thing on earth is now available for $10 (with Free Shipping for inside the US)! the smallest thing on earth asks wild divine questions about the universe and our place in it, but from the grimy city beach, the bathroom floor, the club basement. By piecing together flashes of what people do in secret, we witness an intimate exploration of the confusing state of urbanity when there's so much humanity flowing through it. The city becomes its own sort of animal.

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