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Francesca Chabrier

I am the yellow flower amongst the totally blue fields

I Will Break the Silence in Holland Appaloosa

Today I am here inside a tone-deaf cabin
I am here I have traveled by bus
There are some things I don't like to talk about
I would rather hold you and sing
a cowboy song your heart all thumping in Dutch
I am a real woman with long braids
I am expert in detecting subterranean spunk
You will feel yourself stunned the banjo
I am singing I am not getting the words right
What I want to say is my darling
I am the yellow flower amongst the totally blue fields,
but what you hear is honey take my coat and cover up
because it's raining like hell and pounding like hooves.

from The Axions

7 is this rainbow.
And we go to walk beneath it,
but there is no throughway,
only a room with a fat sky.
And there are animals in there.
For example, there are bears
and a man in there.
The man is you.
An orchestra is playing
while opera singers pretend
to know many arias, and somehow
they are getting it right in there.
There is a round of applause,
while the conductor takes a modest bow
by craning his neck just so.
A lamppost is giving off
a wicked and ominous glow in there.
We are rolling
dice and drawing lines
across our middles.
There is a windstorm
that swirls in there,
and then a fraction of a kite.
But you are lucky and safe
in there. You are wise too.
And you are throwing
Chakra bling into the sea.

Francesca Chabrier is the assistant editor of jubilat. Her work appears or is forthcoming in places like notnostrums, Sixth Finch, Invisible Ear, Forklift, Ohio and Wolf in a Field. Her collaborations with Christopher Cheney can be found in GlitterPony. She lives in a valley on Orchard St.