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Zachary Evans

but mostly / we are happy / we dream / of turbines

Unlimited Turbines

i sit      in a      mountain      meadow       i think      my deep         sad thoughts  i use      every     part      of the buffalo     i use     every part       of my patience
i'm     spotted     like   the patterns     on a brook trout         i'm             the hive
mind      of an      aspen        grove       i beg         for connection         my boots
are      impossibly          practical         i   know       which plants        are poison
but       i'm gonna            let you      guess         i wanna kiss       all this       wind
right    where it     counts      maybe use        a little tongue               maybe tell
the wind     i'm pregnant       despite medical     opinions         to the contrary
& trick   the wind    into a serious     relationship       that eventually       turns
genuine        when the wind        sees how much        i really care          we buy
a condo     buy a minivan  the wind      & i     argue sometimes       but mostly
we are   happy   we dream    of turbines    thrumming tensions   through our
truth    unlimited   turbines   cranking our love   into something  like a voice

Zachary Evans is a poetry MFA candidate at Colorado State University. He edits CALAMITY and his poems have appeared in Cloud Rodeo, Sundog Lit, APARTMENT, Fourteen Hills, Potluck Magazine, and elsewhere. He is the author of the chapbook UNLIMITED from H_NGM_N Books.